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Thursday Exhibition Talks in 2015

We are pleased to announce our speakers for Thursday 11th June 2015. There will be three main seminar areas, with Seminar Area 3 being the home for our Innovation Zone Speakers.

We will be updating this page as new speakers are confirmed so keep an eye out for the latest news, or subscribe to our newsletter to make sure that you don't miss out any key information.

Seminar Area 1 - Panel discussions, policy & Energy Management 

10.00-10.30 Keynote: How do we engage consumers more?

Hear the latest findings from EST’s UK Pulse research which looks at consumer attitudes towards renewables & energy efficiency

Phillip Sellwood, CEO, Energy Saving Trust


10.40-11.10 Case Study: Your Energy Sussex, making energy work for residents and businesses

Learn how YES is developing a pipeline of energy projects in liaison with businesses & community organisations across Sussex.

Colin James, Director of Place, West Sussex County Council


11.20-11.50 Low Carbon economic growth in the Greater Brighton Region

Hear about the ambitions of the Greater Brighton Region for low carbon economic growth 

Councillor Warren Morgan, Leader, Brighton & Hove City Council


12.00-12.30 More for Less: Keeping the cost of ESOS compliance down and the benefits up.

Find out how companies across the UK are keeping the cost of ESOS compliance low, yet are managing to get real benefits from a better understanding of their energy use and the opportunities to improve.

Louise Quarrell, Director Carbon Smart & Approved ESOS Lead Assessor and Ben Murray, Managing Director Carbon Smart


12.40-13.10 Panel Discussion: Electric vehicle car clubs & renewable energy solutions

What are the opportunities for linking EVs, community car clubs & on-site renewables?

Robert Llewellyn, Actor & Electric Vehicle advocate, & guests


13.10-13.30 Lunch break


13.30-14.00 Case Study: How to make the business case for investing in energy efficiency

Discover how to sell the case for energy efficiency to your Directors, how to measure return on investment and what interventions have the best paybacks

Julie Allen, Energy Manager, Nandos Restaurants


14.10-14.40 What are the common ESOS topics people are asking the Environment Agency?

Find out whether your organisation needs to comply with the ESOS mandatory energy assessment scheme, & the audits it requires on energy use in buildings, industrial processes & transport

Jo Scully, Project Manager, Environment Agency


14.50-15.20 The Low Energy Company opportunity

Learn how by becoming a LEC organisations can reduce their energy consumption, by strategically embedding energy efficiency training within organisational practices

LEC concept by Rupert Redesdale, CEO, EMA

Tim Beasley, Director, Synergy Energy Services Ltd


15.30-16.00 Case Study: Being an Energy Manager in public & private sector

Understand how the role of an energy manager differs in the private & public sector and what are the challenges, & solutions, in each environment

Roger Low, Chartered Energy Manager, Defence Infrastructure Organisation (Ministry of Defence)


16.10-16.40 Case Study: How to encourage employee behaviour change

Hear how one organisation has approached getting their employees’ buy-in to adopt energy efficiency & new technology

Richard Felgate, Director of Enstrat & former Head of Energy Management at Mitchells & Butlers


Seminar 2 – Design & New Build 


10:00-10:30 Case Study: Passivhaus design at Hadlow College

Hear about the award winning Passivhaus design of the visitor centre at Hadlow College, it's energy performance and occupant feedback

James Anwyl, Director, EUROBUILD


10.40-11.10 Case study: Fabric First, closing the gap between design intent and reality using thermal imaging

Find out how thermal imaging was used by ScanTherm to help architects Cedar Rydal close the performance gap between design intent and as-built housing on their Windmill Close project

Mark Colyer, MD, Scantherm Surveys

Mark Watts, MD, Cedar Rydal architects


11.20-11.50 Case Study: Domestic Eco-Renovation - Successes & challenges from local examples

Find out the keys to success for your energy efficiency retrofit project based on recent case studies

Alex Hunt, Partner, Bright Green Homes


12.00-12.30 Case Study: Boxing clever

Hear how shipping containers can add diversity to our built environment through interim use

Ross Gilbert, Director, QED Property


12:40-13.10 Case Study: Combining low cost measures with household behaviours to reduce energy use in affordable housing

Hear how Worthing Homes’ multi award winning RELISH energy efficiency initiative has saved their residents money and made their homes more comfortable

Robin Roberts, Director, Worthing Homes


13.10-13.30 Lunch break


13.30-14.00 Custom Build your home 

Understand the growth of Custom Build, the legislative background and what this will mean for improving standards in housing standards from an ECO and thermal perspective

Tim Doherty, Director, Dobanti Chartered Surveyor


14.10-14.40 How can we drive uptake of energy efficiency? 

Hear what we have learned from government initiatives, how data & insight can result in cost-effective targeting and how working with communities, businesses, social landlords and local authorities can be a route to new audiences.

Damian Coulton, Commercial Director, Energy Saving Trust


14:50-15:20 “Bridging the performance gap” – understanding predicted and actual building operational energy

Operators of commercial and public buildings need clear and realistic guidance on targeting energy running costs for their properties and on the potential savings available

Andy Lewry, Principal Consultant, BRE


15.30-16.00 Case Study: How to achieve an affordable Code 5 home

Learn how building a home that meets stringent environmental performance criteria can be made affordable

Nicola Thomas, Director, Arch Angels Architects


16.10-16.40 Case Study: ESOS – the benefits of going beyond compliance

Understand that rather than being a burden, an ESOS audit can open up a range of energy and cost saving opportunities

Sandra Norval, Head of Environment, Thameslink


Seminar Area 3 – Innovation, water efficiency & finance solutions


10.00-10.15 Innovation solution – ReCharge Cargo

ReCharge is a pint-sized courier firm with some big ideas for more efficient logistics in our congested city-centres.

Sam Keam, Founder, ReCharge Cargo


10.20-10.35 Innovation solution - Q-bot

Q-Bot develops intelligent tools for the built environment that turn difficult, disruptive and dirty jobs into clean, efficient and safe processes.

Tom Lipinski, Managing Director, Q-Bot


10.40-10.55  Innovation solution - KnowNow Information

KnowNow Information helps organisations create additional value in real time from their assets and everyday activities through internet connectivity.

Chris Cooper, Director, KnowNow


11.00-11.15 Innovation solution – Hales Water Turbines

Hales Water Turbines Ltd is a newly formed R&D company specialising in Renewable Marine Energy, which has several patents on various forms of tidal stream turbine and is very active in pushing the potential of an extremely rugged tidal stream turbine design.

Rodney Bromfield, Director, Hales Water Turbines & Senior lecturer at Kingston University


11.20-11.35  Innovation solution - The Solar Cloth Company

The Solar Cloth Company is the UK's leading innovator in the highly lucrative solar power market, including solar power coverings for non-load bearing roofs and car parking.

Christopher Jackson, Innovation Director, The Solar Cloth Company


11.40-11.55 Innovation solution - CorkSol

More and more painters and plasterers are discovering the advantages of spray cork for inside or outside use and take this solution into their product range. In addition, spray cork is also a suitable product for companies who use industrial coatings and are looking to make buildings more energy efficient.

Jonathan Ward, Founder, CorkSol


12.00- 12.15 Innovation solution - Upside Energy

The electricity grid is under stress. At peak times, it runs dangerously short of capacity. In order to meet demand, it turns on all its oldest, dirtiest, most expensive power stations. It’d be a lot cheaper and greener to pay people to not use electricity at peak times. That’s what Upside does.

Graham Oakes, Director, Upside Energy


12.20-12.35 Innovation solution - Aquapax

As winner of the International QATRAH ‘Best Bottled Water’ award, Aquapax is all about facilitating a positive change in an industry with a questionable environmental record. Aquapax allows you to drink water on the go, without the fears associated with plastic toxins or breaking glass

Neil Tomlinson, Founder, Aquapax


12.40-13.10 ‘Why ESCo Services Are A No Brainer’

What are the financing options for ESCo services and how do you go about securing them?

Diana Davidson, Managing Director, Vertemis


13.10-13.30 Lunch break


13.30-14.00 The electric company car?

Learn about the business case for EVs in business and commercial EV infrastructure

Mike Potter, Managing Director, Fleetdrive Electric


14.10-14.40 Credit where Credit is due

Think you don’t qualify for R&D tax relief? Think again, you’d be surprised what activities and costs qualify for this Government backed scheme. We have been helping SME’s with their claim for many years £46,000 on average– come and listen to find out more

Jane Ollis, Managing Director, RIFT R&D


14.50-15.20 Case Study: The RBS Innovation Gateway

Find out what RBS is offering SMEs, innovators and inventors with pioneering ideas on resource efficiency the opportunity to test their ideas on RBS property.

Neil Woollam, Energy and Innovation Manager, RBS 


15.30-16.00 Understand what support Innovate UK provides to low carbon projects and businesses

Understand what funding schemes & competitions Innovate UK is running to help support & finance low carbon projects & businesses

Nick Cliffe, Lead Technologist, Innovate UK


16.10-16.40 Case Study: Water saving solutions in a school

Hear about the range of water saving interventions that were installed in a Sussex school and the benefits that arose

Ben Earl, Water Efficiency Manager, Southern Water









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