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April Newsletter #3 - Networking, Talks and Next Level Thinking


Networking & The Communications Hub 

The Eco Technology Show is a great place to network with businesses, build professionals, public sector workers and the general public. This year we will be hosting specialist networking sessions in our Communications Hub, covering a range of topics. There will be three sessions per day;

11.00-12.00 Energy Management
14.00-15.00 Innovation
16.00-17.00 Sustainable Design & New Build

11.00-12.00 Renewable Energy Generation
12.00-13.00 Sustainable Transport & Resource Efficiency
14.00-15.00 Energy Efficiency & Retrofit 

To register for a place in one of these networking sessions please emaildamian.t@ecotechnologyshow.co.uk using the title of the session as the subject line. 
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Business Talks at Eco Technology Show

Covering a wide range of business related topics including energy efficiency and renewables, this year's show has a busy schedule of talks targeted at business owners including: 

Energy Efficient Cooling Strategies – Trying to save the UK 1% on its electricity bill

Did you know over 1% of the UK’s electricity is spent on cooling? Evaporative cooling is an energy efficient alternative to air conditioning, which can reduce cooling costs by 90%. Find out about specific installations of evaporative cooling and where the low hanging fruit exists.
Alan Beresford, Managing Director, Eco Cooling

A guide to ESOS – The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme
Hear how this mandatory energy scheme can benefit your organisation and reduce your energy spend
Dr Kyle Crombie, Senior Consultant, Green Energy Consulting
See our full Thursday Programme and Friday Programme.


Next Level Thinking

The Eco Technology Show is proud to be hosting the Next Level Thinking on Friday 12th June, 9:00am - 1:45pm. Ideal for green sector businesses or businesses who wish to become more environmentally aware, the summit features talks from UK experts and workshops covering topics including eco design, the internet, marketing and consumer psychology and procurement and supply chain from a business perspective.

Tickets cost £65 for Green Growth Platform members and £95 for non-members. There is a special Early Bird rate of just £45 for GGP members who register before Friday 8th May. 

You can book tickets online or to find out more information visit our website

Ecosoft Water

With 60% of the UK population living in hard water areas, the UK is an obvious market for water softening technology. British Water estimate that just 1 mm of limescale results in a 10% decrease in the energy efficiency of an appliance, making hard water a major sustainability challenge.  Bristol-based SME Ecosoft have discovered a chemical-free, energy-free solution to this challenge.  
The technology itself is incredibly simple. A specifically designed alloy creates an electro-chemical reaction, changing the structure and behaviour of the minerals in the water removing their ability to stick to surfaces and cause limescale.  The alloy is formed into fins which create a turbulent flow of water, therefore maximising the effectiveness of the reaction. This effect can not only prevents limescale but can remove existing limescale.
"The system is entirely passive. The alloy never needs replacement, and no salts or chemicals are involved and it requires no energy to run, making it a robust and sustainable solution to the challenge of hard water" says Samantha Mant from Ecosoft.

Read the full article on Technology4Change, written by Alison Nicholl. 
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