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Innovation Zone at Show in 2015


Aquapax is one of the purest mineral waters in the world, with a near perfect 7.065pH natural low mineral balance and practically no (trace) nitrates. Aquapax is suitable for all diets, including for infant hydration. Our water is sealed from light and air, in a non-leaching, majority paper, carton bottle, which is more sustainable to produce and which we believe is more sensible than the alternatives.

Our refillable, reusable and wholly recyclable cartons ultimately keep Aquapax water wholesome and fresh tasting in storage, while also keeping your water temperature cooler for longer.

Speaking on Thursday 11th June at 12.20-12.35 in Seminar Area 3


Spray cork is the ideal replacement for traditional renovation systems. This is due to its wide variety of possible applications, it's also useable as a decorative material. The difference can also be seen in price! In addition, the appearance is spectacular! Unlike paint (cork prevents flaking caused by moisture) and cement render (cork prevents cracks), cork also offers thermal and sound insulation, it breathes and is water-repellent. The manufacturer offers a warranty lasting 10 years relating to the quality of delivered product, which is only applied by certified installers.

  • Energy-efficient
  • Anti-condensation and reduction of thermal bridges
  • Sound insulation (noise reduction up to 8 to 10 decibels)
  • Repair and encapsulation of outer layers (fibre-cement and plates), focused on aesthetic renovation. Spray cork also delivers thermal & sound insulation, and sealing.
  • Protection and repair of roofing. Thermal insulation prevents wear and tear.
  • Long durability. The weather conditions don't impact the durability of spray cork and annual paint jobs are no longer required.
  • Prevents rupture and cracking of facades
  • Suitable for all applications that require better thermal insulation and/or an improved appearance.

Speaking on Thursday 11th June at 11.40-11.55 in Seminar Area 3


EH Tech - discover the Obox and save up to 63% on your water heating bill

Speaking on Friday 12th June at 10.20-10.35 in Seminar Area 3

Hales Water Turbines Ltd

Hales Water Turbines Ltd is a newly formed research and development company specialising in renewable marine energy.

The company, based in Hastings, East Sussex, has several patents on various forms of tidal stream turbine and is very active in pushing the potential of one design, which is a mechanically very simple, but an extremely rugged tidal stream turbine design called The Hales Turbine. 

To improve the scarcity in the UK and around the world of suitable and economic physical testing facilities associated with developing marine energy devices, Hales Water Turbines Ltd has designed and built a new 32,000 litre water flow test & display tank in-house for 24/7 prototype testing and also hiring to other renewable developers.

Speaking on Thursday 11th June at 11.00-11.15 in Seminar Area 3  
KnowNow Information helps organisations create additional value in real time from their assets and everyday activities through internet connectivity.

Our focus is creating valuable insight by exchanging useful information generated by analytic software and sensors for the mutual benefit of the participating organisations. These include groups with a shared objective such as cutting Energy Use, enlivening the High Street or providing Care - activities with a mutual interest in new ways of achieving more.

Speaking on Thursday 11th June at 10.40-10.55 in Seminar Area 3  


The government funded Lancaster-China Catalyst programme aims to provide international business support worth £70,000 to help ambitious UK companies to grow and export through R&D and innovation with Chinese partners. It offers bespoke platform to help your company:

  • Navigate an unfamiliar environment to access the fastest growing market China
  • Travel to China three times for relationship building and market expansion
  • Gain expert support in partnership development for a R&D project leading to new products, services or processes
  • Enhance innovation through training and peer-to-peer learning
  • Access £100,000 Chinese government funding potentially
  • Utilise a team of three graduates for your project delivery

To find more, visit www.lancaster.ac.uk/china-catalyst, email china-catalyst@lancaster.ac.uk or phone 01524 510 322

Speaking on Friday 12th June at 12.00-12.15 in Seminar Area 3  

Novagg is an innovative and sustainable lightweight structural aggregate for use in the international construction materials market, principally in concrete products. The specification of Novagg is market-leading in terms of density, strength and water absoption.

The Novagg process makes aggregate from up to 98% recycled waste using global standard rotary kiln technology, transforming the wastes into a new material, as has been confirmed by Imperial College London. 

Speaking on Friday 12th June at 10.40-10.55 in Seminar Area 3  

Space heating accounts for around 60% of UK domestic energy use and 60% of people admit to heating unoccupied rooms. OpenTRV is an intelligent replacement for a mechanical thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) at a similar price point. OpenTRV provides a simple-to-use controller to reduce the energy use and carbon impact of UK housing stock. It is a mass-market customer-retrofit shrink-wrapped product with a target of 50% reduction in energy use.
OpenTRV as a product is a novel valve controller, an open communications protocol and a boiler controller. OpenTRV as a company will supply reference designs, interoperability certification (akin to the WiFi-Certified programme of the WiFi Alliance) and specialist design services to industry (akin to ARM processor core licensing).
Speaking on Friday 12th June at 15.45-16.00 in Seminar Area 3  
Planet Feed is an award-winning new social enterprise that plans to make fabulous fertiliser products from local food waste!

And we’re doing it for the benefit of the local community first and foremost!


  •  Making extremely effective fertilisers, totally natural and with a minimal environmental footprint.

  •  Stopping local food waste being incinerated, landfilled or transported long distances to be treated!

     Locally-made fertilisers from food waste:   innovative, super-sustainable products to help local growers to grow better! 

     P.S.  There’ll be no food waste on our stand … unless it’s already a bottle of fertiliser!

Speaking on Friday 12th June at 10.00-10.15 in Seminar Area 3 

Q-Bot develops intelligent tools for the built environment, that turn difficult, disruptive and dirty jobs into clean, efficient and safe processes.

Our tools allow installers and contractors to:

  • Access hard-to-reach areas where it would otherwise be too difficult or disruptive, for a human operator to do so.
  • Survey and understand their environment, automatically building up maps and identifying services that can be provided.
  • Apply a range of treatments remotely and provide proof of their application to ensure quality control

Speaking on Thursday 11th June at 10.20-10.35 in Seminar Area 3  

ReCharge is a pint-sized courier firm, but we have big ideas for how goods can be moved more efficiently in our city-centres. Founded by Sam Keam - an environmental consultant with a passion for cycling - ReCharge offers a range of delivery services within Brighton and Hove.

We go to great lengths to get to know our customers specific needs so that we can provide a friendly and professional service whilst also showing the way forward for more sustainable urban logistics.

Speaking on Thursday 11th June at 10.00-10.15 in Seminar Area 3  

Senical Ltd is an exciting company operating in the growing field of Smart grid technology development. We offer a secure energy monitoring and data capture solution for business clients as a managed service.

Senical are exhibiting the datai™ Solution, an end to end secure monitoring and data capture solution for single phase low voltage systems and remote assets. Senical’s datai™ solution allows you to manage a small amount of assets through to complete estate infrastructures.

 Maximising your asset lifecycle and increasing revenue by:-

  • Reducing deployment costs and service disruption – Retro fit
  • Reducing downtime to repair - Real-time event alarms
  • Recording historical data at one reading per second - Event analysis
  • Predictive maintenance planning – Data trending analysis
The Solar Cloth Company is the UK's leading innovator in the highly lucrative solar power market, including solar power coverings for non-load bearing roofs and car parking; a market that includes over 1.1 billion square metres of data centres, supermarkets and warehouses.
Speaking on Thursday 11th June at 11.20-11.35 in Seminar Area 3  

Upside Energy coordinates energy stored in batteries that are already owned. 

The electricity grid is under stress and at peak times, it runs dangerously short of capacity. In order to meet demand, it turns on all its oldest, dirtiest, most expensive power stations. It'd be a lot cheaper and greener to pay people to not use electricity at peak times. That's what we do.

Uninterruptible power supplies (the systems that provide backup power to machine rooms, traffic lights, cellphone towers, etc), solar PV arrays, electric vehicles and similar equipment have a huge collective capacity to store energy. We simply coordinate them to charge their batteries when demand for electricity is low, then to run their equipment from batteries when demand is high.

This creates a "virtual energy store" that we can sell to the grid to help it balance supply and demand. National Grid pays handsomely for such services. We distribute 75% of these payments back to the original equipment owners.

Speaking on Thursday 11th June at 12.00-12.15 in Seminar Area 3  

The 'Waterblade' is a water saving device for taps. It is designed to be fitted to virtually any tap. It is suited primarily for hand washing. It works by producing a thin fan shaped veil of water, through which the hand is drawn. Because the veil is continuous every upward facing part of the hand drawn through the veil is wetted or rinsed. 

The 'Waterblade' is patent-pending. The product is currently a full functional prototype. It has been developed with help from a grant from the Technology strategy board at the University of Brighton. We are actively seeking interest from industry.

Speaking on Friday 12th June at 15.25-15.40 in Seminar Area 3